My goal is to do the job you want for your day.  We will cater to your needs and desires from beginning to end, there is no such thing as a traditional, average wedding, it is your day. 

Just Jeff will not only play the music for your guests awaiting your arrrival but will be the emcee as well.  This means coordinating with the photographer, banquet personnel, and your wedding party making sure everyone is on the same page.  This is all included no hidden fees.  

Jeff Duer has been in music entertainment for over 25 years.  Beginning with weddings, and parties, he went on to Disc Jockey various local dance clubs, fire department banquets, promotional venues and fund raisers for over 13 years.

Professional Disc Jockey and Entertainment Guru
(301) 742-4708

Just Jeff the DJ

Anybody can play music, we do it everyday in our cars,  homes, even work.  Finding that one DJ, a professional, who knows how to make the difference is the key.  Just Jeff has been doing this for years, clubs, parties, weddings, and fund raisers making that difference.